Professional Work

Great Lakes Broadcasting

I lead the design & development of broadcast software that supports esports tournaments in the tier 3 scene. Supported games include Valorant and Overwatch.

Personal Projects

I was inspired by the popular iOS game "Cell Wars" to create my own version of it to explore a few different concepts in game development. Created in the Unity game engine, players are pitted against an AI in order to claim all of the cells on the map.

Spray Bot

Developed a Discord Bot for personal use in a Discord Server with my friends. Utilizes the library, which implements Discord's API in a "pythonic way."

School Projects


Worked in conjunction with RIT students to create a survival horror game that puts the player in a dark procedurally generated forest with the goal of roaming and collecting coins in order to escape. The game features roaming AIs that attempt to chase down and cut the player's mission short. 

DC Generative Adversarial Network

Working in my Advanced Concepts in Game Development class, I aimed to create a DCGAN to prove the usefulness of its application in producing 2D assets for games. In order to get a better understanding, I chose to use a generic flower set in order to produce generated images of flowers.